Four Requirements for Solving the Development Puzzle

Written by Mary Ann Masarech, Employee Engagement Lead Consultant Business leader and author Arie de Geus once said, “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” In the years since he made this comment, organizations have grown savvier about learning and development – and how this can drive

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In Search of High Performance

Written by Mary Ann Masarech, Employee Engagement Lead Consultant Fully engaged employees are enthused and in gear. That means their willingness to perform is backed up by their individual talents, alignment with organizational priorities, coaching from their managers, and the resources that they need to achieve results. Yet one of the poorest performing items on

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Align Your Employees!

Seems Kind of Obvious: Align Your Employees!

Written by an excerpt from The Engagement Equation: Leadership Strategies for an Inspired Workforce If engagement in your organization needs a boost, there is a better solution than installing latte machines or allowing employees to bring their dogs to work: align them to what is most important to your organization. Getting all employees aligned to

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Employee Engagement Survey

4 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Employee Engagement Survey

Written by Mary Ann Masarech, Lead Consultant, Employee Engagement Practice Thinking about conducting an employee engagement survey? Great news! Survey findings can provide valuable insights for creating a thriving workplace and high-performance culture. Whether you’re gearing up to run your annual survey or tackling a survey project for the first time, we offer four tips

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Collaboration and the Digital Workplace in Health Care

Written by: Stacy Wilson, Owner & President, Eloquor Consulting, Inc I’m not sure what started my fascination with health care, but it started early. Perhaps it was that my father was an exercise physiologist. Perhaps it was my early job at an association for medical group managers (way before “managed care” was common). It might

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Strategy vs. Tactics: Why It’s Important To Distinguish the Difference

Written by: Gregg Apirian, Managing Director of Vignette The Difference Between A Strategy and Tactics Let’s begin with a scenario. You are an HR or internal communications professional, and you have been tasked with communicating something important to the employees you serve. You think the best way to communicate this information is through a poster

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Leaders with “Game”

Written by: Ann Melinger, CEO, Brilliant Ink Last Sunday marked the season finale of Game of Thrones, and now I join the millions of other fans who anxiously have to wait a grueling NINE months for the next season. I was late jumping on the GoT band wagon, but recently binge-watched the first five-and-a-half seasons,

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3rd Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference Recap

Wicked Smaht Takeaways from #ALI_IC in Boston Written by: Dayna Robbie, Communications Specialist, College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba I was lucky to meet and hear from some leaders in internal communications last week. My first experience as an ALI conference attendee brought me to Boston and while a Bostonian accent may have rubbed off on

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Pokémon Go Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming And Augmented Reality

Written by: Matt Manning, Inward Strategic Consulting In 1996, Nintendo released a role-playing game for their handheld Game Boy system called Pokémon, short for “pocket monsters”. In this game, “trainers” explored a world filled with animal-like characters called Pokémon. The goal was to catch Pokémon in a ball, and then train them by battling other

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employee engagement

10 Simple Secrets You Need to Know to Increase Employee Engagement

Written by: Tim Eisenhauer, Contributor, Co-founder, President, Axero Source: Entrepreneur By some accounts, an epidemic of worker disengagement is raging in this country. In its most recent “State of the American Workplace” report, Gallup Research found that 70 percent of U.S. workers were either not engaged or were actively disengaged at work. While there’s some

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