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How To Take The “Corporate” Out Of Corporate Storytelling

Written by: Jason Anthoine, Audacity Stories are Powerful They can captivate audiences, inspire empathy and understanding, forge new connections, and compel others to take action. Stories also have the power to change the hearts and minds of your employees, customers, stakeholders, and leaders, making them incredibly effective tools for transformation and growth. As leaders and

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Mixing it Up: A Different Approach to Internal Communications During Times of Organizational Change

Written by: Gabriel Sanchez, First 5 LA “I know Kung-Fu!” That is one of my all-time favorite movie lines. And just as Neo in “The Matrix” mixed and matched martial arts moves as he sparred with Morpheus after uttering that line, professional communicators must also be agile in blending different public relations and marketing approaches

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Giving Advice Doesn’t Work (for me)

Written by: Roy Browning,  JMC Brands “You know what you should do…” Have you ever heard that phrase from someone? I bet if you’re anything like me, you either listened to or rebuked those words depending on who it came from. That super successful friend that you’ve always wanted to be like said those words

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How Westar Reaches Deskless Workers With Their Branded App

Written by: Charong Chow, SocialChorus Modern communications are more than just email blasts.  In our last installment, Shel Holtz of FIR was talking with Jana Dawson, Director of Corporate Communications, and Jaycee Breese, Corporate Communications Representative, at Westar Energy in Kansas City, Missouri. They were discussing the difficulties of reaching over 2,400 employees out in

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Your Employees are “the First Public” So Talk to Them Like Customers

Written by Scott McDowell, Tribe Pictures. In a recent interview with Ethan McCarty, the CEO of Integral Communications, Tribe CEO Vern Oakley was asked about the link between authenticity, trust, and the bottom-line: I believe the leadership, particularly the CEO, becomes the lightning rod for trust. You only have to think of companies like Wells Fargo

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5 Tips to Create High-Performance Teams

Written by: Julia Felton, Lead Change No leader sets out to lead an ineffective team. In fact many leaders invest a lot of time and energy agonizing over how to create the perfect high-performance team that works effectively and consistently delivers results. However, there is a problem. Many of the strategies leaders have adopted to

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On the move: Change management vs change communication

Written by Taylor Shawver, Integral Communications Group We’ve been doing some very exciting work with Rachel Casanova and Dana Asher for companies moving offices, so we thought why not share our top tips for orgs making a big move. First and foremost, there’s a difference between change communication and change management. It’s important to manage

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3 Internal Communications Trends to Plan for in 2018

Written by Jason Anthoine, Audacity. I recently had the opportunity to attend an Advanced Learning Institute conference in Nashville. There were about fifty internal comms folks in attendance, excited to share and learn best practices for both measuring and improving their work. Here are the top internal communications trends that came up during the conference,

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