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Making Meaningful Connections, Instead of Small Talk

Written by Ann Melinger, A few weeks ago, several Brilliant Inkies, myself included, attended ALI’s 5th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference in Boston. It was an excellent gathering of professionals representing a wide range of industries, organizations, geographies and backgrounds. (My colleague Becky, shared one of her personal highlights from Crayola, and Kate shared

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What You Should Be Measuring to Effectively Tell Your Story

Originally written on Polite Mail. Measurement isn’t worth anything if you’re doing it for it’s own sake. It must tie into your organization’s overarching goals. As Rachel Miller puts it in an article on All Things IC: Too often I see communications teams working in complete isolation from the rest of the business. When I ask how

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8 Reasons Why Internal Communication Is Even More Important in 2018

Written by Robert Grover, Each new year sees the publication of countless lists and blogs featuring instructions and magic formulas which business communicators are implored to adopt lest they lose the ear of their internal audience. But commonsense advice doesn’t change with the calendar. When it comes to internal communication in today’s workplace, what

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Company Culture: How to Tell if You Have It

How can an employer tell if their office has a healthy and happy company culture? We’ve got some ideas. People want to work there. You are constantly receiving LinkedIn messages and emails asking about open positions. Word travels fast. Your current employees are your best recruiters. Your employees are happy. Look around. Do people seem

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Meet the Speakers | 5th Annual Strategic Internal Communications

Start making your plans to attend the 5th Annual Strategic Internal Communications conference, Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2018 in San Francisco. This unique event has been designed to provide you with open, interactive discussions on new internal communication issues and will deliver  key insights on how to ensure employees remain productive and engaged. You

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Conference Recap: Internal Communications for a Non-Desk Workforce

Internal communication professionals gathered in Chicago, IL, for the Internal Communications for a Non-Desk Workforce conference. Attendees learned about the latest tools, technology and communication strategies to help their organization deliver internal news to a dispersed workforce driving engagement and business results. The three-day immersive conference started with pre-conference workshops on October 17th. The workshop

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Aligning HR & Internal Communications | New York City

5 Reasons to Attend the 5th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference

As internal communications professionals, we are expected to stay on top of the most current tools and trends. Join your peers at the highly anticipated 5th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference, January 30-February 1, 2018 in San Francisco to sharpen your knowledge, stay abreast of top trends, and gain a competitive edge in your field.

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