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“Rules of the Playground”: Culture Change at Crayola

Written by Becky Sennett, BrilliantInk.com. For over 115 years, Crayola has helped parents and educators raise ‘creatively alive’ kids. What Crayola stands for is refreshing — they celebrate children’s originality and self-expression, encourage wonder, adventure, and dreaming. Simply put – “inspire everything imaginable.” What’s also refreshing is that this authenticity carries over internally, and Crayola

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The Important Lessons That Southwest Taught Us About The New Rules of Crisis Management

Written by Mike Hattcliffe, RockDove Solutions. Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, we got a fascinating glimpse of the behind the scenes response at Southwest Airlines in the immediate aftermath of the terrifying and tragic incident on April 17th, 2018 when an engine failed causing the death of a female passenger and endangering the lives of

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