5 Insights That Will Make Your Next Employee Event A Success

Written by  Mike Lepis, Co-Founder and  Creative Director of Vignette Have you ever attended a memorable corporate event? Something where they just ‘got everything right’? Where experience, content, culture, and community all come together. The venue was great, the location was inspirational, speakers were focused and passionate, your guest speaker not only entertained but blew

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Measuring Your Digital Channels

Change the landscape of your Internal Communication with metrics from your key digital channels – intranet, email, social and video. As an internal communicator you know the value of measurement. However, less than 50%* of senior internal communications managers believe their team have the digital and technological skills needed. Measuring communications across your channels doesn’t

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Strategic Internal Communications for Health Care

Is lack of staff impacting on your ability to deliver impactful and timely internal communications?

Earlier this year we surveyed internal communications professionals working in the healthcare industry. Almost 60% responded that lack of staff for new initiatives is one of the biggest challenges they face. This lack of resources is underpinned by a larger problem facing internal communicators in all industries. Newsweaver recently published the interim results of a

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“Communication culture” equals great collaboration

Written by Stacy Wilson, President of Eloquor Consulting, Inc. I first started hearing communicators talk about “a culture of communication” more than 10 years ago. I had one client in particular who was really interested in the concept and could articulate the potential effectively. We understand the connection between good communication and the bottom line. We know that

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employee experience

Let’s get clear: Employee Experience vs. Employee Engagement

Written by Preston Lewis, Founder & CEO, Last week I was the Chair of the ALI Strategic Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Conference in Chicago and I shared my perspective on the relationship between employee experience and employee engagement. It resonated with the audience, so I thought it would be helpful to elaborate further.

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The Essentials of Employee Value Propositions

Written by Allan Steinmetz , CEO at Inward Strategic Consulting Two weeks ago I attended the Advanced Learning Institute’s (ALI’s) Employee Engagement and Internal Brand Activation conference in Chicago. I was asked by ALI to lead a step-by-step employee engagement workshop on the first day which was well attended. As a speaker, I was also

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