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Hidden Figures Showcases the Value of Workplace Diversity

This article was originally published on Waggl’s blog. Diversity makes teams better. Remarkable progress can be made when inclusion is at your organizational core. (Spoiler Alert!) Theodore Melfi’s Hidden Figures is the film adaptation of the incredible true story of the women that crushed stereotypes to become recognized as some of the greatest intellectual minds

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3 measures of digital workplace performance in an uncertain world

Written by Molly Anglin, Newsweaver. User sessions and page views fall short in measuring the true health and impact of an organization.  As our understanding of digital workplace evolves – the concepts of antifragility, collective intelligence and working out loud play a role in gauging our ability to navigate a highly competitive and uncertain world.

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What is the right employee survey for your workplace? The long, short, and supershort of it.

Written by Pi Wen Looi, Novacrea. Very short pulse surveys are gaining popularity, according to a recent WSJ article. These are one- or two-question surveys that employees receive daily, weekly or monthly. Should you replace your annual employee survey with very short pulse surveys? Comprehensive Employee Survey vs. Very Short Pulse Survey Unlike annual employee

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Internal Communications

The Responsibility To Create An Innovative Culture Lies With Employers

Written by Allan Steinmetz, Inward Strategic Consulting. Captured before the start of the session ‘The G-8 and Africa: Rhetoric or Action?’ at the Annual Meeting 2005 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 27, 2005. Copyright by World Economic Forum by Remy Steinegger We recently came across an impactful study conducted by

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Digital Workplace Healthcare

Applying a Digital Workplace Program Approach to Healthcare

Written by Molly Anglin, Nonlinear Enterprise.  The digital transformation of healthcare is not a singular event: rather a series of experiments that move the organization forward. This week, we explore the efforts of two children’s hospitals – sharing how they hope to save lives and money by evolving their relationship with technology. It’s a cliché

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Digital Signage

The Rise of Digital Signage as an Internal Communications Tool

Written by Elena Lathrop The art of internal communications – the transmission of information between members of a business or organization – isn’t new. Businesses and organizations have always needed to communicate internally, for as long as they’ve had the means to do so (i.e. language). It predates smartphones, the Internet and even computers. What

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7 dos and donts for co creation

7 Do’s and Don’ts for Co-Creation from Local Wisdom and Johnson & Johnson

Written By Pinaki Kathiari, Local Wisdom. Even the wintery Wisconsin conditions could not keep Pinaki Kathiari and Steve Garguilo from having a great time presenting to members of the Milwaukee BMA in their talk, “7 Do’s and Don’ts of Co-Creation.” Pinaki and Steve observed that interesting things happen in today’s business setting. Managers and employees meet

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