6 Must-Know Internal Communications Metrics

Written by: PoliteMail Software Often articles and how-to guides about internal communications will offer a piece of advice like “identify the KPIs that work best for your organization,” but don’t specify exactly what those KPIs or metrics should be. There’s a good reason for that: Different types of organizations have different goals, and thus most

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4 Ways Leaders are Turning Employee Resistance into Results

Written by Sean Williams, True Digital Communications. Every leader can agree: Employee resistance is one of the most frustrating experiences. You spend countless hours putting thoughtful consideration into the decisions you make for your organization, only to be met with resistance. Employee push back can feel like a roadblock, but it can actually improve your

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How to easily measure and set KPIs for internal communications

Written by Joanne McCarthy, originally published on the Newsweaver blog on October 21, 2016. Making molehills out of mountains: taking the mental block out of measurement and KPIs for internal communication Internal communicators are well aware of the importance of measuring their work. In fact, Newsweaver’s recent Inside IC survey revealed that some 95% of

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