health care intranet

The Top Compliance Challenges For Hospitals in 2016 and How An Intranet Can Help Overcome Them

Written by Giuliana LaMantia, The Joint Commission released the top CMS requirements that posed the biggest challenge for hospitals, ASCs, LTCs, etc. to remain compliant with in 2016. Many of these challenges can be mitigated with the use of a standardized, internal communication system. We took a look at the top challenges for hospitals,

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Three Ideas to Catapult Employee Engagement

Written by Jill Christensen. In my book, If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement, I put forth a four-step process to re-engage employees, which serves as the foundation for your culture: hire people whose personal values align with your company’s values, align individual goals to the CEO’s goals, create a two-way communication culture,

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Internal Influence

Internal Influencers: actionable, and no longer optional

By, Mike Klein, Principal of Changing The Terms, a Netherlands-based consultancy focused on internal influencers and strategic internal communication. This article was originally published on the IC Kollectif Blog. Ever wonder why your internal communication isn’t getting any traction?  Or why your engagement scores are slipping despite your steady diet of snappy intranet articles and C-suiter videos?

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Employee engagement

Employee Engagement: At What Price?

By,Sharon McInotsh, President of And Then Communications. This article was originally published on the And Then Communication’s blog. I live for employee engagement. I believe in employee empowerment and left my corporate job to devote my life and business to it. Defined, employee engagement is the emotional commitment to the organization and its goals, resulting in discretionary

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Employee Experience


By,Gregg Apirian, the managing director at Vignette, a full-service employee experience agency. This article was originally published on the Vignette blog. If there’s one thing 2016 has made clear, it’s that we’re experiencing change in our personal and professional lives more rapidly now than we ever have in our lifetime. From recent election results to our full tilt

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Government conference

Save the Date: Government Digital Communications, September 19-21, 2017, Washington DC

In the heels of the 2017 presidential transition, learn practical tips to help you expand your reach and gain the involvement — and trust — of your audience. Learn cost-effective ways to utilize more impactful, compelling & relevant digital communications to relay your messages and information more effectively. Gain an inside look at how other

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communications strategy

Six Ways To Use Enterprise Systems As Part Of Your Communications Strategy

By,Gregg Apirian, the managing director at Vignette, a full-service employee experience agency. This article was originally published on the Vignette blog. Companies are investing millions of dollars in enterprise systems used for recruiting, learning delivery, workforce and performance management, coaching and career development, and other workforce needs. These system investments bring significant benefits and efficiencies to HR, the

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