What Employees Want: What the Data Says to Drive Connection

What Employees Want: What the Data Says to Drive Connection

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Jason Anthoine and Mark Mohammadpour have been popular speakers sharing expert tips and tricks to drive better employee engagement and internal communications at Advanced Learning Institute conferences and virtual trainings. Link below to a podcast from our friends at IC Pro to hear the data behind what employees really want to feel connected to their workplace. 

Hear Mark Mohammadpour live during our May 19-20, 2021 virtual event on “Aligning HR & Internal Communications.” He’ll share insights on what others are doing with wellness initiatives in the workplace and why they matter.

A question we should think about often is “What do our employees really want?” While we may think that we know the answer, things constantly shift and move. It’s possible the answer has changed without us even knowing. How can we keep on top of what our employees want and lead these conversations? Our latest guests offer their answers. 

We talked to Jason Anthoine and Mark Mohammadpour on how to actively connect to employees. Tune in to hear how they dove into the data and found that the answer might be more “old-fashioned” than you’d think. Also, we dive into whether internal communicators should take on employee wellness initiatives.

Listen to the podcast here:


Listeners will learn:

  • 7:08 Where internal communicators get tripped up

  • 9:41 How to get confident with your data and presenting numbers

  • 28:37 How to push back on one-off requests (also 30:26)

  • 33:38 How to get out from underneath the workload & prioritize what matters

  • 36:14 The old fashioned tip that is effective right now

  • 37:30 What really gets leadership’s attention

  • 40:05 The presentation tip that captures 1,000 words

  • 41:02 The future of internal comms industry

  • 49:10 The value in partnering with HR to drive employee wellness

  • 50:533 Tips to enhance value to your employee wellness initiatives

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