Here’s What You Missed at the Staffbase Webinar: Internal Communications & How To Increase Your Influence & Budget

Here’s What You Missed at the Staffbase Webinar: Internal Communications & How To Increase Your Influence & Budget

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After Tuesday’s internal communications webinar, attendees were enriched with knowledge focusing on tackling the challenges of how to increase your influence and budget.

We heard from Frank Wolf of Staffbase and Co-Speaker Jeff Corbin who is a Senior Strategic Advisor in Internal Communications Consulting with nearly 20 years experience. Both speakers provided pivotal information on how to create a strategy to achieve these milestones.

Staffbase is considered a leader within the Internal Communications space. Their assessments, research, and expert reviews presented everyone with a model they could learn from and replicate.

With a benchmark standard to follow, attendees were given a brief glimpse of how to assess their current internal comms and create improvements. From skills and knowledge to specific strategies and channels, the sources of influence were vast and intriguing.

During the event, Co-Speaker Jeff Corbin shared an insightful article. It touched on the concepts of employees returning to the office and what that means for internal communication. The article highlighted the various routes a business can take to tackle any communication issues and the vast solutions available.
In short, Corbin broke down the basic tasks any business should start with to find the most effective internal communications solution:
  1. Map out and really understand the structure of your company’s organization and the needs of the entire workforce.
  2. Identify and write down the employee communications solutions that are already being used at your company (e.g. email, intranet, newsletters, digital signage, chat/messaging tools, etc.).
  3. Compare your ECA (employee communications application) tech over your organizational structure and workforce to identify which employee group is not being communicated with and identify the problem areas.
In addition to tools within the article, attendees were able to brainstorm with the guest speakers. While the number of solutions to the internal communication issues may be vast, the best solution that works for your population of employees is within sight.
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