18 Statistics on the Future of Work to Help Teams Prepare

18 Statistics on the Future of Work to Help Teams Prepare

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Zoom fatigue is just one of the new challenges workers are facing in 2020.

Along with that, there are feelings of isolation at home, struggles to stay motivated during the workday, and balancing family schedules. Boosting employee morale is one way to keep your teams engaged, but when looking ahead, how can professionals prepare now for the future of work?

Remote work was already on the rise pre-pandemic, but with many offices forced to close for safety reasons, employers quickly learned what worked and what didn’t. From equipping teams with updated hardware to installing the right security measures, keeping up with the right tools to work productively from anywhere can be a hard process to nail down.

This is why the workplace of the future will require team members to be flexible, collaborative, and empathetic. Although employers value these qualities, workers also desire flexibility too—nearly one-third of workers started job hunting to look for more adaptable work environments. As telecommuting options become more of a necessity, employers will have to offer competitive benefits and perks to keep up with workplace trends.

Not ready to shift to the experimental 4-day workweek like Microsoft in Japan?

Have no fear. There are plenty of options to make your remote office more engaging, inclusive, and productive in 2020 and beyond. Learn some of the workplace trends below on the future of work, provided by Mint.

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