7 Takeaways for Internal Communications from Social Chorus’ Most Popular Content in 2018

7 Takeaways for Internal Communications from Social Chorus’ Most Popular Content in 2018

7 Takeaways from Social Chorus' Most Popular Content in 2018

7 Takeaways For Internal Communications From Our Most Popular Content In 2018


What topics did your fellow internal communications professionals find interesting, entertaining, and useful in 2018? We reviewed our team’s content metrics and KPIs to uncover which among our blog posts, guides, and eBooks was most popular. Here are the top seven pieces of content we published, plus key takeaways. (And don’t miss our content in 2019—check out our frequently updated resources for internal communications.)

#1: Why Internal Communications Is At The Center Of Digital Transformation

This recap of our highest-attended webinar, The Future State of the Digital Workplace, with Mike Gotta, research VP at Gartner, received the most web traffic from last year. Gotta makes the case that employee experience is at the center of enterprise vision, where internal communications drives employee engagement.

Key takeaway: Workforce communications is critical to your organization’s digital transformation and change management because internal communications is at the core of reaching and connecting with employees.

#2: How To Measure Internal Communications: Defining Your Goals (Worksheet Included)

The popularity of our second most viewed blog post of 2018 tells us communicators want to be more insights-driven.  If you missed this one, check it out for a great introduction to metrics and how to measure content performance.

Key takeaway: Communicators want to understand how their initiatives are performing so they can reach and engage every employee, and prove their own ROI to the executive team.

#3: The Internal Comms Guide To GDPR

This post helped communicators understand the who, what, where, and why of the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect in May 2018. We also included our own updated privacy policies.

Key takeaway: Because of GDPR, compliance was a critical issue for companies in 2018. Internal communications professionals will have to maintain ongoing vigilance when it comes to employee data and privacy.

#4: Top 6 HR Technology Trends To Watch In 2019

Published at the end of 2018, this blog post quickly gained traction because it brought together the latest innovation in Human Resources. Some highlights include employee engagement apps for internal communications and how automation will streamline workforce communications.  

Key takeaway: Using technology to automate and streamline tasks is critical for any HR team that wants to be more effective.

#5: 2018 Comms Effectiveness Survey

We had an overwhelming response to the 10 key insights from our Comms Effectiveness Survey, and it had the most downloads of our eBooks. The report analyzed user data across our global programs: 1.5 million employees in 20 industries, 180 countries, all 50 states, hundreds of millions of user events, and millions of emails and push notifications. The survey helped us discover valuable insights, including the facts that targeting has almost two times the click-through rate (CTR) over non-targeted messaging, and video has three times higher engagement than other types of content.

Key takeaway: The power of quantitative data can’t be denied; and understanding behavior metrics will improve employee engagement.

#6: Mobile Now, Intranet Later: The Case For Upgrading Your Internal Communications In Stages

Among all our eBooks, this one had the second highest number of downloads. Because employee engagement is a top priority, internal communications professionals crave proven ways to connect their workforce. And more communicators are turning to a multi-channel communications approach to engage their employees on the channels of their choice.

Key takeaway: Why spend the resources to upgrade your intranet? A multi-channel approach will truly help you reach employees.  

#7: Engaging Your Audience On Mobile With The New York Times

One of the main architects of The New York Times’ transformation, Cliff Levy, deputy managing editor (and FutureComms speaker), was our guest in a webinar that had our all-time highest registrations. Levy oversees  The New York Times’ The Morning Briefing, which has more than 1.3 million weekday newsletter subscribers. And he offers excellent advice for communicators who want to update their strategy and engage their employees.

Key takeaway: Digital transformation may be challenging, but it’s a high priority for many organizations. And learning how traditional companies, like The New York Times, made that transition is inspiring.

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