Harness the Power of Your Deskless Employees: Conference Roundup

Harness the Power of Your Deskless Employees: Conference Roundup

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DesklessALI Conferences hosted the Strategic Internal Communications to Engage Deskless Employees conference on April 30 – May 2, 2019 at the beautiful Mid America Club in downtown Chicago. Over 30 Internal Communication professionals attended this conference, including speakers from PetCo; Rollins, Inc.; Deloitte; Fortune Brands; U-Haul and more.

Attendees overall enjoyed the interactive workshops and engaging sessions, offering advice, strategies, and success stories to their fellow Internal Comms professionals.

Conference Highlights:

Through social internal platforms like Facebook’s Workplace, Daniel Sundin and his team at Petco harnessed the power of their deskless employees, helping even those constantly in the field or on the retail shop floor connect with other locations and executives in their own “language”. This included utilizing comment forums, social trends, and videos to create conversation and drive employee engagement. It was not all memes though! The internal platform was also a great source of information to help their customers, available right in their pocket on their own mobile device.


During the Conference Takeaways session, many attendees raved about Morton Buildings, Inc.’s “Engage-Oply” session. Sandy Kostouros needed a way to distribute her team’s internal communications in an exciting, new way in order to improve the employee engagement. Morton Buildings used a take on a popular board game to roll out important company information and bring together hundreds of employees out in the field, all while having fun.

John Twombly from St. Louis Children’s Hospital showed how the power of purpose can enhance employee performance across an entire organization, Nicole Phillips and Al Larsen from Community Health Network successfully created a communication strategy for their deskless nurses without breaking their budget, and Tom Prefling from U-Haul utilizes print news channels to turn boring memos into engaging success stories with a newsletter called U-Haul News.

Thank you to all our speakers and attendees at the Strategic Internal Communications to Engage Deskless Employees conference!

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