Employee Engagement: Where to start

Employee Engagement: Where to start

Employee Engagement_Where to start

When building a company culture that cultivates employee engagement, there is only one place to start: at the top.

Senior management is responsible for not only building but also communicating the organization’s vision. Coincidentally, the workforces’ perception of senior management can actually impact employee engagement.

In order to strategically build an engaged workforce and positive company culture, senior management should get involved from the start. Here are 3 ways senior management can empower, engage, and encourage employees…

  1. Bridge the gap and build trust. Show employees that members of senior management are more similar to them than they might think. Finding a way to bridge the communication gap, build trust, and ultimately make leadership more approachable can lead to a happier and more engaged workforce.
  1. Encourage feedback and collaboration. Employing tools and tactics like town hall meetings, social intranets, or employee surveys can be a simple way to encourage employees to get involved. Give them a voice that can be heard at all levels of the organization.
  1. Empower your employees. By providing new opportunities and challenges, you can empower your employees to demonstrate and reach their full potential. Demonstrating that senior management is invested in employees’ professional development in addition to the bottom line goes a long way.

Tell us in the comments section below: How does senior management within your organization engage, encourage, and empower employees?

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