How To Get What You Want – Tips for Leadership Buy-in

How To Get What You Want - Tips for Leadership Buy-in


Communicators excel at the art of connecting with large groups of people. But today they must also be adept at evaluating and the acquiring software technology that enables them to put relevant content directly in front of employees, wherever they work ­– Employee Communication and Engagement (ECE) Platforms. This guide demystifies the process of purchasing software and teaches communicators how to make a strong business case for adding an ECE Platform at their organization.


This April, at Advanced Learning Institute’s Dispersed Workforce Conference, leadership buy-in was listed as a top pain point. Dynamic Signal has created a documented entitled “How to Get What You Want” to specifically address this issue. #ALI_IC


Download the complete guide.

Missed the chance to meet with Dynamic Signal at the ALI Internal Communications for a Dispersed Workforce? You’ll have the chance to network and connect with them at the upcoming ALI conference:

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