Top Hot Topics Discussed at the Internal Communications Measurement Masterclass

Top Hot Topics Discussed at the Internal Communications Measurement Masterclass

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The Advanced Learning Institute closed out our leading internal communications training with a masterclass on how to effectively measure the success of internal communications. The industry-leading expert on the topic, Angela Sinickas, of Sinickas Communications, led the training and started things off with some thought-provoking questions to get the group thinking about the best ways to measure effectiveness in various situations.

The top topics discussed include:

  1. Communicating knowledge is not enough. You need to address attitudes to change behavior. To reach your audiences, you need to communicate so they Know, Feel & Do.
  2. Focus groups vs. surveys: Often, you need both to ensure different perspectives are included from the front line to a desk-based employee
  3. Build your business case for measurement tools with data. Numbers speak to management. Calculate annual savings based on an average salary of saving 15 minutes a week trying to find information on the company intranet, for example.
  4. Writing for mobile – information should be in the headline/short blurb. Clicks matter less now.
  5. Move to business metrics. You’re doing internal communications to drive a business action. Highlight those actions to drive further business results.
  6. BONUS: A great reminder from Roger D’Aprix’s employee hierarchy of needs – employees need basic needs addressed first, before they can take care of the organization’s needs:

        A. What is my job?

       B. How am I doing?

       C. Does anybody care?

       D. Where is my organization heading?

       E. How is it doing?

       F. How can I help?


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