AI for Human Resources & Corporate Communications: Explore the Impact of AI on Your Business: Virtual Conference Highlights and What I Learned

AI for Human Resources & Corporate Communications: Explore the Impact of AI on Your Business: Virtual Conference Highlights and What I Learned


On October 12th, 2023, ALI Conferences’ virtual conference on “AI for Human Resources & Corporate Communications” brought together industry professionals to delve into the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in these fields. As an attendee, I was inspired by the informative discussions and left with a better understanding of how AI can optimize and enhance our work processes.

One crucial theme emphasized throughout the conference was the importance of framing AI in a positive light for employees. It was stressed that AI is not meant to replace us but to augment our capabilities. It is a tool that helps us do our jobs more efficiently and be more productive. By understanding this perspective, we can embrace AI as an ally in our work lives.

The conference also provided an insightful AI 101 for internal communications, which demonstrated the potential of using AI to make our jobs easier. For instance, AI can assist in translations, e-learning, writing, editing, validating information, adding missing details, and even helping us tell a compelling story with numbers. It was fascinating to learn that AI can be employed at various stages of the corporate communications process.

Experts provided guidance on recommended prompts to extract the best information from AI, as well as strategies for persuading employees not to be afraid of AI. It was crucial for attendees to understand the key difference between existing AI and the latest AGI (artificial generated intelligence), which holds great promise for the future.

Although there were many positive insights, concerns regarding data protection and usage guidelines were raised. The importance of safeguarding company data while utilizing AI was emphasized and companies were encouraged to establish clear guidelines for its usage.

The conference also showcased some companies piloting internal AI assistants, further exemplifying the growing enthusiasm for AI in the corporate sector. One expert speaker noted that they had never seen anything generate as much interest as AI, comparing it to the Industrial Revolution, which is now viewed as a positive force. A special mention to our Sponsors Vimeo for showing off their AI integration into their video platform.

In conclusion, ALI Conferences’ “AI for Human Resources & Corporate Communications” virtual conference provided a comprehensive overview of the impact of AI on our businesses. By incorporating AI intelligently, businesses can optimize HR and corporate communications processes, enhance productivity, and ultimately empower employees with this transformative technology. Join your colleagues at an upcoming Advanced Learning Institute virtual or in-person conference for human resources, corporate communications, and internal communications professionals.

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