3 ways to bridge the generational gap in the workplace

3 ways to bridge the generational gap in the workplace

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Recruiting and retaining the Millennial workforce is only a part of the challenge for today’s organizations. Managing a multi-generational workforce comes with its own set of unique challenges.

How do you make Millennials feel valued without alienating the rest of your workforce?

What’s the best way to efficiently and effectively communicate with a multi-generational workforce?

Not everyone is as tech-savvy as the Millennials. How do I manage collaboration systems and programs that everyone finds helpful and easy to use?

These are just a few of the many questions HR professionals and managers are faced with. The answers? Get creative.


Here are 3 ways to bridge the generational gap in the workplace…

1) Encourage collaboration. Create a mentoring program. There are studies that show how mentoring relationships can boost the careers of both mentors and mentees. Give them the opportunity to learn from each other!

2) Invest in them all equally. Consider offering ongoing training programs. Training opportunities are a great way to provide desired growth to Millennial employees while also helping other generations interested in job security to improve their skill sets.

3) Recognize their strengths and make sure managers know the prime motivators for each generation. Develop a recognition and reward system focused on productivity, accomplishments, and length of service. Having a reward strategy that’s only focused on seniority can demotivate younger employees. By creating a recognition program or rewards system with a primary focus on productivity and accomplishments, and a secondary focus on longevity, you are taking steps to create a more engaged and productive workforce.


What are some ways you’re currently managing and engaging a multi-generational workforce? Tell us in the comments section below…


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