Octalysis – complete Gamification framework

Written by Yu-kai Chou. This post is a high-level introduction to Octalysis, the Gamification Framework I created after more than 10 years of Gamification research and study. Within a year of publication, Octalysis was organically translated into 9 languages and became required literature in Gamification instruction worldwide. Gamification is design that places the most emphasis on human

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Pokémon Go Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming And Augmented Reality

Written by: Matt Manning, Inward Strategic Consulting In 1996, Nintendo released a role-playing game for their handheld Game Boy system called Pokémon, short for “pocket monsters”. In this game, “trainers” explored a world filled with animal-like characters called Pokémon. The goal was to catch Pokémon in a ball, and then train them by battling other

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3 Mistakes You’re Making With Gamification In Business

Written by: Christie Wroten 1. Failing to personalize the training experience. When you’re using gamification for mandatory online training, consider your learner’s preferences. Even though gamification is the current trend—and has tons of success—not all employees will want to participate. Make gamification a choice. An article I read in Chief Learning Officer points out that

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