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What does A Modern Employee Communications Framework Look Like? – Top Tips & Take-Aways



So many great internal communications tips and strategies were shared during this week’sEmployee Communications Strategies: Build A Framework for Today’s Workforce Masterclass.”

Preston Lewis of Intactic walked the group through a detailed playbook of how internal communications’ biggest role is to facilitate transformation and behavior change through communications.

The masterclass wrapped up with a panel of internal communications practitioners from Autodesk, Alcon & KPMG sharing several quick ideas and their proudest work, to help keep their hybrid workforces engaged, including:

If you missed this week’s Masterclass but are interested in learning and staying relevant for today’s workforce, consider joining us at our next virtual event, Employee Communications Best Practices: What’s Next, Dec 1-2, to share stories, learn new ideas, and continue your growth in your internal communications profession.

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