What does A Modern Employee Communications Framework Look Like? – Top Tips & Take-Aways

What does A Modern Employee Communications Framework Look Like? – Top Tips & Take-Aways


So many great internal communications tips and strategies were shared during this week’sEmployee Communications Strategies: Build A Framework for Today’s Workforce Masterclass.”

Preston Lewis of Intactic walked the group through a detailed playbook of how internal communications’ biggest role is to facilitate transformation and behavior change through communications.

The masterclass wrapped up with a panel of internal communications practitioners from Autodesk, Alcon & KPMG sharing several quick ideas and their proudest work, to help keep their hybrid workforces engaged, including:

  • Wellness Initiatives: Seeing employees come together around a wellness challenge tied to charitable contributions
  • Email that’s Quick & Easy to Skim: Rolling out a 500-word or less employee email digest recapping the top of line things that are most important
  • Storytelling: It’s about your people! Telling a story about your diverse employee audiences both internally and externally
  • Bring in the Human and the Fun: Starting weekly team meetings with sharing good news – personal/not work related to replace the water cooler talk
  • Awards & Recognition: Asking employees to share what they are celebrating and rewarding a few contributors regularly with small culture awards

If you missed this week’s Masterclass but are interested in learning and staying relevant for today’s workforce, consider joining us at our next virtual event, Employee Communications Best Practices: What’s Next, Dec 1-2, to share stories, learn new ideas, and continue your growth in your internal communications profession.

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