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The Real Reason Why Your Company’s Mission, Vision & Values Matter

For a young, or rapidly growing company, the need to articulate their Mission, Vision and Values is even more urgent. Taking a beat to think about your culture and values may seem like a luxury, but the most successful companies know that there are some very real reasons why this matters to their business.

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Real Ways Your Organization Can Make The Most of Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Written by Ally Sherman, Chief. Facebook has been in the news for some problematic issues. Recent scandals around “fake news” and the misuse of data have many wondering about the platform’s credibility and asking what impact this has on, well, everyone. Despite this, Facebook remains one of the biggest players in the social media game

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Internal/External Brand Perception

New research shows that only 19% of employees globally think their employee experience and image of their company matches up with the external brand image. According to a report by Weber Shandwick, the global public relations firm, less than a fifth of employees feels there is strong alignment between their employer’s external image and the

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Working With Strengths

From the Brilliant Ink Blog by Patty Youngclaus Brilliant Ink’s Ann Melinger will be speaking at ALI’s upcoming conference Aligning HR & Internal Communications to Boost the Employee Experience,  April 24 – 26 in New York.  Melinger will lead an Interactive Workshop: How to Tackle Measurement Challenges Through Strategy, Business-Driven Communications and HR Goals _______________________

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Join Us At The ALI Strategic Internal Branding Conference

Written by Shona Lepis, Marketing Director at Vignette. Engaging employees, creating brand ambassadors and driving change & business results through effective internal communications Please join us at the ALI Strategic Internal Branding Conference, Wednesday, October 26 – Thursday, October 27 in New York City. Vignette’s Managing Director, Gregg Apirian, will be leading a session on:

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The (New) Definition of Employee Engagement

Written by: Lenny DeFranco Employee engagement has been one of the most talked-about topics in human capital management for twenty-five years. And yet, despite the attention of professionals from every area of the business world—or maybe because of it—the term itself has never gained a universal definition. There’s no reason it couldn’t, though. On the

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