Real Ways Your Organization Can Make The Most of Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Written by Ally Sherman, Chief. Facebook has been in the news for some problematic issues. Recent scandals around “fake news” and the misuse of data have many wondering about the platform’s credibility and asking what impact this has on, well, everyone. Despite this, Facebook remains one of the biggest players in the social media game

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Don’t Skip This Blog Post and Other Obnoxious Subject Lines: They Work!

With CHIEF being right here in the heart of DC, of course we’re always thinking about politics. While we are strictly a non-partisan shop, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn things from the “industry” of our city. And as a former political staffer, this is a topic near and dear to my heart. Let’s go on a

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 2/3 of Organizations Now Use New Internal Communications Technologies

A new study released at the Engage16 annual workforce communications conference last week revealed that 2 out of 3 corporations are investing in employee communications technology. What took them so long? Every CIO and internal communications professional we speak with complain that getting employees to read internal communications has been extremely difficult for a number of years. Studies

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Let’s Sidecar: A Responsive Approach to Responsive Design

By: Zaid White, Senior Art Director, CHIEF. “Let’s Sidecar” —Admittedly, this is a phrase I have failed miserably at installing into our everyday jargon to describe how designers and developers work together, especially when responsive design is taking shape.  And even though we toss the phrase around as more of a joke now to describe

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The Digital Transition: How the Presidential Transition Works in the Social Media Age

Written by Kori Schulman, originally published on the White House blog, October 31, 2016. President Obama is the first “social media president”: the first to have @POTUS on Twitter, the first to go live on Facebook from the Oval Office, the first to answer questions from citizens on YouTube, the first to use a filter

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