Internal Email Benchmark Report 2021 Provided By ContactMonkey

Internal Email Benchmark Report 2021 Provided By ContactMonkey

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The world has changed drastically over the past year, and internal communications have
been transformed forever. Yet, some things don’t change. Email continues as the most
widely used channel for internal communications—across organizations, industries, and
the globe. In ContactMonkey’s recent survey and the Gatehouse State of the Sector survey, Email
came out on top with over 95% of respondents stating they use email as their primary
communication channel – and with good reason.

In this report, ContactMonkey surveyed over 8400+ email campaigns from 18 industries ranging from Consumer Goods And Services to Government, with workforce sizes ranging from 200+ to 10,000.

Let’s take a look at average internal email open rates:

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A key issue in internal emailing is getting your users to click through, as we see above, while the average open rate is 68%, the average click rate is 8%. While it is great they are opening the email, it is imperative they click through to the actual content.

Another very important metric is Read Time. On average only 44% of internal email recipients actually read emails sent to them, while the majority glace at the emails and a small percentage skimmed the emails. This poses an issue because only 44% are getting all of the information and the rest could miss critical details.

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Best Practices and Tips

Don’t over or under-communicate! The ideal internal email frequency can be tricky to nail down. For some, increasing frequency has worked wonders; for others, it has completely backfired. Identifying the right cadence for your employee newsletters depends on your internal communications
goals, rate of change at your company, number of employees, industry, and nature of

Consistency is key

Consistent communication will help build a stronger relationship with your employee’s overtime. Having a consistent email cadence also means employees will begin to expect the communication and are therefore more likely to engage with it.

Segment your email lists

In internal communications, segmentation is often based on department, location, or company hierarchy. This helps deliver more personalized and relevant content to your employees, at the ideal time.

Drive a two-way conversation

A common challenge cited by internal communicators is difficulty gathering honest employee feedback. Including rating scales like emoji reactions or star ratings in your emails is a quick way to capture feedback, and it requires little time and effort from employees

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