Internal Communications Measurement.

Internal Communications Measurement.

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Measurement has been a hot topic in Internal Communications, and for good reason! Measurement is one of the most valuable tools for internal communicators—and it can often seem like one of the most frustrating ones to master. 


In a recent poll we asked a group of 28k+ Internal Communicators: “Leading into Fall 2021 what topics would you like more training on as an Internal Communications Professional?” Over 50% of our respondents said Measurement and IC training was at the top of their minds coming into Fall 2021. 


Below is a Communication Measurement Matrix Provided by Angela Sinickas, this helps guide a communicator to what they should measure, how they should measure, and forms of research that can aid in measuring their output or outcome.  



How do you approach measuring your IC Metrics in this dispersed and hybrid workforce?


Join leading Internal Communications measurers from McDonald’s, Comcast, BlueCross BlueShield, and much more at the Internal Communications Measurement Virtual Conference, October 14th from 11am-3pm est.


Learn how these elite companies are handling IC measurement and takeaway actionable knowledge you can apply immediately! 

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