Reporting, Marketing & Communications for Sustainable Impact & Transparency

Reporting, Marketing & Communications for Sustainable Impact & Transparency

Best Practices for Telling your Environmental, Social & Governance Story & Demonstrating your Progress

March 12, 2024 - March 13, 2024 | Virtual | 11AM - 2PM ET

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Virtual Conference:
Tuesday, March 12 | 11AM-2PM

Wednesday, March 13 | 11AM-2PM

What role does Internal Communications play in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategies?

ESG is gaining quick traction and capturing investor attention globally. Therefore, communicating the story to engage customers, investors and employees is vital.

This virtual conference will emphasize the best practices for telling your environmental, social, & governance story & demonstrating your progress.

Join your Marketing, Communication and ESG peers to learn, share practical advice and examples, and stay to date on the latest ways to tell your ESG story

This 2-day virtual conference is designed from the Marketing &Corporate Communications point of view. The essential takeaways provide an informed roadmap to shape your ESG communication strategy in 2024 & beyond. The virtual conference will bring together industry experts, thought leaders, ESG professionals, marketing and communication specialists, and best practices

You will leave this virtual conference with that latest ESG communication strategies, including:

  • Framing the role of marketing and communications in the ESG process
  • Understanding the Intersections of ESG and Marketing
  • What’s required to be an ESG leader
  • How other companies are utilizing specific metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and track ESG performance
  • Emphasizing the use of renewable energy sources in business operations
  • Incorporating ESG considerations into all aspects of the business, including marketing and communications
  • Innovation in Sustainable Marketing
  • Measuring and Reporting ESG Impact
  • How to minimize business and brand risk
  • Defining similarities and distinct differences between marketing/communications and ESG strategy
  • How often you should publish your ESG report
  • ESG Diversity and Inclusion best practices
  • Execute a growth roadmap and culture work
  • Debunking ESG Terminology and Nomenclature
  • The Value of Short-Term Goals vs. Zero Goals and more

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Who Should Attend

This Conference has been researched and designed for Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Specialists, Officers, Leaders, and Consultants involved in:

  • Internal Communications
  • Employee Engagement
  • Brand Communication
  • Strategic Communications
  • Employee Communications
  • Intranet Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Global Communications
  • Managing Director-ESG & Sustainability
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Director, Global Communications–Sustainability
  • Senior Vice President, Strategy & Execution
  • Senior Vice President, People Services, ESG, Belonging & Corporate Philanthropy
  • Head of Corporate Affairs
  • Corporate Communications
  • Marketing Communications
  • Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Benefits of Attending This ALI Virtual Conference

  • Access to industry experts who share insights and updates on the latest trends in ESG and how they relate to marketing and communications
  • Networking list of attendees to continue the conversation
  • Interactive, hands-on breakout sessions allowing you to work with your communications and marketing peers
  • Certificate of attendance for CEUs
  • Recording of the virtual workshop after the event ends
  • A fraction of the cost of an ALI in-person workshop with the same high-quality content
  • Content from leading consultants delivered straight to your home/office
  • Guaranteed extensive, how-to instruction that you can use immediately
  • Opportunity to have your ESG storytelling questions answered in real-time with a group of your communications and marketing peers who are facing the same challenges

This isn’t a passive experience! You will be encouraged to weigh in with poll questions, engage via chat throughout the entire event, and turn your camera on during group breakout sessions

Leave with a thorough understanding of the latest best practices in effectively telling your ESG story and how they apply in your work context.

Conference Features

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