Employee Communications Best Practices

Employee Communications Best Practices

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During ALI Conferences’ recent 5th Annual Digital Workplace Summit, we had a fantastic lineup of speakers who provided their insights for the new era of the digital workplace. From Stacie Barrett’s presentation “Engaging Your Global Workforce” where she showed how Dominos connects their whole workforce from digital to delivery drivers to “They Want You Back In The Office: Remote Workforce Engagement, & Hybrid Transition Challenges.” New ideas and practical advice were shared to help others reach a dispersed, and front-line workforce.

Here is what an attendee said about their experience “Really loved this. It encouraged creative, out-of-the-box thinking.”

As we inch closer to 2022 there are many questions on Internal Communicators’ minds, Will we be in the office this year? Can I travel for work? How do we keep our employees engaged and happy? 40% of employees report their organization has NOT communicated a post-pandemic vision from www.mckinsey.com

We will help answer those questions at Employee Communications Best Practices: What’s Next, see practical examples of what leading communicators are doing to keep their employees informed and engaged as we prepare for 2022?


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