Maximizing the Public Sector Channel Shift with Modernized Comms Tools

Written by Catherine Andrews, April 5, 2018.  Today we’re used to engaging with government by tweeting, email, web surveys and more. But take a step back and think to 100 years ago—nothing was the same. The only way to interact with your government was to write letters, visit city hall in person or attend open

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Save the Date: Strategic Internal Communications for Government, April 17-19, Washington DC

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to engage your employees and achieve mission-critical results? Then this internal communications training is for you! Join your peers for the Strategic Internal Communications for Government training, April 17-19, 2018 in Washington, DC. Designed for internal communication professionals across both federal and state government agencies, you’ll leave equipped with

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Communicating for the Public Good: How government agencies are engaging their teams to improve service delivery

Written by Mira Sleilati. Last week I had the opportunity to present at ALI’s Strategic Internal Communications in Government Conference, alongside of a great group of professionals who have dedicated their careers to serving city, state and federal-level government agencies and organizations across the country. We spent two days learning about our shared experiences and

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Planning Your Strategy: Defining the Terms that Matter

By Granicus. We here at Granicus know defining key performance indicators (KPIs) is the cornerstone of completing successful projects, such as increasing public engagement or building brand awareness, that are on time and within budget. Without establishing these baselines, we,and our government clients, set ourselves up to be easily misguided, distracted, and unsuccessful. With that

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Collaborating For a Better Constituent Experience

By Francesca El-Attrash, Granicus Blog. Collaboration is a common theme in government today because it can increase employee productivity, improve communication, enhance resource sharing and even cut costs. But in a drive to achieve these results, many collaboration projects forget the ultimate objective of government: serving citizens. Too often, collaboration efforts improve internal operations while

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Want Engagement? Help Employees Find Their Voice

By Richard Regan, GovLoop. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development defines employee voice as the means by which employees communicate their views on employment and organizational matters to their leadership. It is the most direct and effective way to ensure the grassroots part of the organization has just as must say in the organization

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Let’s Sidecar: A Responsive Approach to Responsive Design

By: Zaid White, Senior Art Director, CHIEF. “Let’s Sidecar” —Admittedly, this is a phrase I have failed miserably at installing into our everyday jargon to describe how designers and developers work together, especially when responsive design is taking shape.  And even though we toss the phrase around as more of a joke now to describe

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Using Digital to Turn Mission into Realities

Written by Francesca El-Attrash Ukaejiofo, Granicus. A true digital transformation starts by looking inward and identifying our missions in government – whether it’s updating citizens of road closures or better promoting a foster care program. We have the tools (cloud computing, social and mobile technology) and the talent to improve the citizen experience. But how

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