How to implement a successful identity & access management strategy

How to implement a successful identity & access management strategy

identity & access management strategy

Identity and access management (IAM) is a challenge that organizations and government agencies face every day.

An IAM strategy is necessary when combating vulnerability, decreasing risk, and choosing technological solutions. Without strategy, there might be panic. And with panic comes a whole new set of challenges.

Stay ahead of the curve, keep up with the trends, and implement an IAM strategy using a cohesive team and innovative solutions technologies.

Here are some considerations for those approaching or undergoing the launch of a new or improved identity & access management strategy:

Start with a list of requirements and desired outcomes. For most organizations, this list will look a little something like this:

  • Create easy, mobile access to key systems for those who need it…and only those who need it
  • Minimize security risk and employ a bulletproof protocol in the instance of a breach
  • Develop a reliable IAM system that uses limited personnel resources but also provides a superior customer experience
  • Achieve full compliance and assure regulators that sensitive information is secure

Decipher projected costs early on. Based on requirements and desired outcomes, investigate the solutions and technologies currently available.  There is a wealth of next generation solutions for IAM, cyber security, mobile payments, and beyond.

Stay ahead of the trends (i.e. mobile biometrics, etc.) and research what other organizations or agencies are using successfully.

Once you’re confident in your IAM system and solutions recommendations, cost them out. This will be a critical piece of information to share with stakeholders in your organization.

Gain key stakeholder and executive buy-in. CIOs and IT professionals understand the complexity and importance of an integrated and well-thought-out plan when it comes to securing valuable information. But sometimes, getting the support needed from executives and other organizational stakeholders can be an obstacle.

Gain key stakeholder and executive buy-in through presenting the facts in terms they’ll understand. Answer the questions, “Why is this important to the success of our business?” For some executives this can be as simple as explaining “What is the cost if we do invest? And, what is the cost if we don’t?”

Ensuring you have the full support of your organization’s leadership and decision-makers outside of the IT department will help to streamline the process and remove internal obstacles along the way.


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