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Benefits Of Connecting With Internal Communications Professionals

May 17th 2021 Post copy

May 17th 2021 Post copy

With more than 25,000 members and counting, ALI’s Internal Communications Best Practices group is growing each day. We offer a platform that allows experts to share best practices, lessons learned, and trends that shape the world of employee communications, engagement and employee experience.

The realm of communication is ever changing and evolving, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on patterns, insights, and recommendations. Our group encourages internal dialogues among members that can vary from employee engagement, leadership communications, employee productivity, intranet, and digital workplace tools.

Within the group, you’ll notice the people who post – think Internal Communication Managers, Leadership Experts, Human Resources Managers and so on – offer rich data and insights that help others understand the value of their field. Additionally, members have also posted short surveys to gauge an audience reaction.

ALI Conferences recently ran a poll questioning when businesses would feel ready to start returning to in-person events and the results were nothing short of interesting:

While in-person events are still an undecided factor, it’s important that businesses remain connected and vigilant with their internal communications.

Become a member of the group today and learn more about how to improve your internal communications.

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