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Top 5 Trends From Environmental, Social, & Governance for Marketing & Communications

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ESG Blog Graphic

This week ALI Conferences had their ESG for Marketing & Communications virtual conference, it was an information-packed two days full of key insights and best practices for ESG in 2023 and beyond. 

These were the top 5 trends and topics heard at the (E)nvironmental, (S)ocial & (G)overnance for Marketing & Communications virtual conference:

  1. ESG is a journey – and many have only just begun. Many marketing and communications leaders are being pulled in to create thought leadership around ESG, write the ESG report and manage the messaging to integrate into everyday business.
  2. Avoiding ‘greenwashing’ is a constant battle. ESG is ultimately about minimizing risk and building trust and credibility with all stakeholders.
  3. ESG storytelling is a top imperative. Communications and marketing are leading the way to create 2-way communications with employees and customers to create more awareness – through storytelling.
  4. Approach any ESG project as you would approach a marketing or communications plan. Data (surveys, market research), storytelling, and aligning everything with your corporate goals are all keys to a successful ESG initiative.
  5. ESG is becoming more of a MUST-do, and faster and faster! It’s also been recognized as a path to career advancement

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