How HR Can Best Demonstrate ROI for New Digital Workplace Tools

Written by Jodi Beaubien. HR professionals are faced with the daunting task of successfully aligning workforces with the strategic mission and objectives of their organization. Suffice to say while managing costs. These priorities are often competing, yet they don’t have to be. Data conveys the interconnected relationship between an internal communication strategy and organizational success.

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What You Should Be Measuring to Effectively Tell Your Story

Originally written on Polite Mail. Measurement isn’t worth anything if you’re doing it for it’s own sake. It must tie into your organization’s overarching goals. As Rachel Miller puts it in an article on All Things IC: Too often I see communications teams working in complete isolation from the rest of the business. When I ask how

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5 Internal Communications Myths Debunked

Written by Charong Chow, It’s not your imagination – reaching your employees is hard. In our Technology Gap Survey, communicators reported that 71% of employees don’t read email and other content, 36% said employees were unhappy with the format in which most content is delivered, and some were at a total loss knowing where

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Why Open Rate is the Worst Possible Email Metric

Measurement and analytics are “in”, and measuring digital communications is easier than ever before.  Easy, however, doesn’t necessarily equate to accurate or actionable.  Much like the “hit rates” of early web analytics, email open rates simply don’t provide a lot of real value.  Let’s examine why. Why your email open rate is under 25% During

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3rd Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference

3 Simple Tips for Measuring Internal Communications

Written by: Emma Hanley, Newsweaver Communications Specialist Are you struggling to measuring internal communications? Or are you one of those beleaguered members of the 16% of corporate communicators that aren’t measuring at all? If the idea of trying to pull together data from your organizations intranet, ESN, email platform fills you with dread then rest

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