Health care intranet

health care intranet

5 Projects To Implement Now To Improve Your Intranet

By Jason Oshita, When it comes to your Intranet, a little creativity goes a long way. The countless features your portal offers makes it simple to incorporate new projects, pages, and forums to improve internal communications, workflows, and more. Turn your brilliant ideas into reality (your vendor will be able to help you, too!)

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Ensure Your Intranet Is HIPAA Compliant

Written by Giuliana LaMantia, Utilizing an Intranet comes with a number of positives, such as enhanced collaboration, organization, and management to name a few. However, like any organization process or product, an Intranet also comes with the responsibility of keeping information secure and private. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996

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