Leadership Communications at Scale

Leadership Communications at Scale

The last two years have shown a spotlight on how important leadership communication is, and how all of us need to re-think the ways we connect with and inspire our teams and organizations. Communicating with clarity, confidence, and authenticity is a core part of being an effective and inspiring leader, especially in times of changing workplace rules and norms.

In this workshop, we will touch on the foundational aspects of how to re-think the way you communicate and why it’s important in a time of hybrid work, best practices of leaders across industries and levels, and how communication is fundamental to an organizational culture that’s inclusive and thriving.

Participants will get:

  • A new framework for thinking about how they can communicate with clarity, confidence, and authenticity
  • An easy-to-use model for developing your own quick communications plan
  • Tips and tricks to connect with your audience, whether 1 or 1000, in a way that feels natural and comfortable to you

This workshop is meant for anyone who wants to get better at communicating as a leader, and for those who may want to support other leaders in communicating more effectively at work.

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