Kickoff Keynote: The New Language of Racism – Level Comm

Kickoff Keynote: The New Language of Racism – Level Comm

Racism touts a new look and it’s trending in ways that you may not even know. In fact, you may be sporting one of it’s popular accessories called: language. What we say and how we say it, is the current medium in which racism prevails. And more than likely you or someone you know is guilty of using language that perpetuates bias and prejudice—and not even know it!

However, you can change that trend with awareness and education!

Ever heard of “Unconscious Bias” or “Microaggressions”? In this session you’ll be challenged on your knowledge and ability to identify egregious comments, statements, remarks, judgements and/or sayings that carry sentiments rooted in racism. By being a participant, you’ll also learn how to confidently navigate the sensitive subjects of racism and other ism’s like sexism, heterosexism, ageism etc.

This session enlightens participants in the following objectives:

  • • Identify commonly expressed microaggressions in the workplace
  • • Discover personal unconscious bias
  • • Differentiate Public vs Private Advocacy
  • • Employ active listening techniques
  • • Put into practice awareness “triggers”

Let’s be honest…talking about race is tough. Additionally, sourcing solutions and facilitating accountability can feel downright overwhelming. Let’s educate ourselves and learn simple ways to be “anti-racist”.

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