The Better Living Movement: How to Engage and Transform Walmart’s 1.6M Associates

The Better Living Movement: How to Engage and Transform Walmart’s 1.6M Associates

Movement Inside™ by StrawberryFrog

Creating People and Cultural Change Within Organizations

  • Our world is in need of positive change.
  • Change towards a cleaner planet.
  • Change towards a fairer society.
  • Change towards a better workplace.
  • Real change is ignited by movements.
  • Movements are powerful change drivers because they form passionate advocate communities who rally around a shared purpose to drive change.
  • They are rooted in a shared dissatisfaction with the status quo.
  • They shape beliefs and transform behavior.
  • They take a clear stand and defend it.
  • They are co-created and co-owned.

Say hello to the Movement Company. 

Inside companies such as Walmart, Truist, and Google, StrawberryFrog has activated brand purpose among employees with Movement Inside™. Our inventive cases demonstrate how to change culture, change behaviors, and end burnout. 

We merge the capabilities of a world-class creative marketing firm and a research-backed strategic consultancy to form movements that deliver positive change and growth. We invented Movement Thinking™, a creative cultural transformation approach that draws on the principles of societal movements to shape human behavior at scale. Movement Thinking™ supports the development of new cultural realities for your customers, employees, stakeholders, citizens, and society at large. A purpose-driven approach to people and culture change within organizations.

Internal transformation program development. Leadership and employee alignment & training. Measurement, tracking, and governance.


Walmart, the largest private employer in the world, needed a more innovative way to engage its 1.6 million associates around its new well-being program. The primary challenge was that associates were aware of the program, but did not understand or utilize its benefits. Different divisions within corporate communications were sending information to associates in silos, using uninspiring emails that were often disregarded and ignored. On top of these communications issues, managers were not effectively trained to handle well-being issues among associates and struggled with long wait times to hear back from corporate on elevated issues.

StrawberryFrog began our partnership by analyzing the barriers to streamlined engagement, conducted mixed method research including behavioral science, and identified solutions to activate Walmart’s frontline associates. This propelled the design and launch of the Better Living Movement to reinvent how Walmart engages with its associates around Emotional, Financial and Physical wellbeing. We developed associate-first experiences and internal communications to build awareness and inspire utilization of programs – galvanizing the workforce and building a culture of wellbeing.

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • How to diagnose employee or internal cultural problems inside the organization 
  • How to use mixed method research, ethnographic and behavioral analysis to understand barriers
  • How to design a Movement to solve the problem
    • The right kind of storytelling and language to win
    • The power of creativity to break through 
    • Employ innovative media and technology to increase content viewership
    • How to monitor and measure the Movement

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