Employees Are Giving Employers A Performance Review

Employees Are Giving Employers A Performance Review

Two members of Integral will share year-over-year trends and insights from the Integral Employee Activation Index with data from our July 2021, January 2022, and April/May 2022 survey. Areas of focus include the alignment of employee/employer values, mindsets, and positive/negative behaviors.

Our findings and analysis provide diagnostics and takeaways that impact the employee experience. The session will use a 10-question in-session diagnostic tool focused around key research findings. Attendees will learn how to assess opportunities and risks for employee engagement at their organization, and how to use those to boost engagement and positive behaviors.

You will learn:

  • How to measure employee sentiment to find and the gaps
  • How to assess and examine the intersection of organizational and employee personal values
  • The kinds of organizational rituals that build and reinforce values, connection, and positive behaviors
  • Communications tools organizations can use to help employees take care of their good health and well-being and to reinforce that as an organizational value

This workshop will include:

  • Attendee ice breaker and introductions
  • Overview of the Integral Employee Activation Index components
    values alignment, daily mindset and behavior, children in the household, generational differences, digital behavior, inviting in identity
  • Case study examining how Integral put their own Index into action
  • Small group exercises with report outs
  • Demonstration of a few key Comm Tech tools

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