Numbers to Stories: Using Visual Storytelling to Bring Your IC Data to Life – Brilliant Ink

Numbers to Stories: Using Visual Storytelling to Bring Your IC Data to Life – Brilliant Ink

One of our greatest opportunities as internal communications professionals is to tap into the power of data. While our colleagues in Marketing have long used data-driven insights to set and refine strategies, communicators have lagged behind. Now, as internal communications tools and resources become increasingly sophisticated, we’re gaining access to more and more powerful data about our people’s communications preferences and behaviors. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of data and how to pull out the most important insights.

In this session, discover how to gather data from storytelling and apply it to internal communications to help you pull out key insights from your measurement data and present them in a visually compelling way. The session will cover specific tips and techniques for:

  • Distilling and translating data – from newsletter opens to open-ended survey comments – into actionable insights.
  • Choosing the right kinds of visuals to illustrate different types of data points.
  • Tailoring your data story for a leadership audience, highlighting the information that matters most.
  • Using your measurement story to demonstrate how you’re moving the needle on employee engagement, and to get more resources, budget, and support!

You will learn strategies for analyzing and extracting key insights from common sources of internal communications data, including email and newsletter clicks/opens and survey responses, as well as how to:

  • Use different types of visualizations to illustrate various types of data and tell a compelling story to key stakeholders
  • Gain insights into the best ways to advance from simply presenting data, to sharing analysis, recommendations, and next steps
  • Collect meaningful quantitative data from places you’d least expect – without necessarily investing in expensive software and tracking tools

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