Organizational Storytelling for Internal Communications

Organizational Storytelling for Internal Communications

Companies must optimize their story so it resonates with every audience who is invested in your culture: employees, candidates, customers, investors, and more. Organizational storytelling surfaces important cultural moments and corporate decisions that impact people, and uses those stories to engage all audiences. Ultimately organizational storytelling results in a content library of employee stories that will be used across channels, to engage different audiences.

When internal communications teams lead organizational storytelling in their companies, they not only deliver information to team members. They also bring abstract concepts to life, reinforce culture, and build connections between team members and the organization.

With actionable examples and use cases by leading global brands, this session will help attendees implement organizational storytelling to:

  1. Promote key programs and fuel employee recognition
  2. Reinforce culture, no matter where people are working
  3. Implement an organizational storytelling strategy that benefits stakeholders throughout your organization

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