Internal Organs to Reimagining Employee Engagement

Internal Organs to Reimagining Employee Engagement

The human body relies on internal organs in performance of vital functions. When two or more of these organs work together, they become a part of a body system. Internal Communications is the “heart,” the functioning organ responsible for effective communications amongst employees within an organization. How do you keep the heart healthy and communicating with all the other organs? The early stages of the pandemic when teleworking became the new normal,

teaching us that the heart needed more innovative methods and strategies in communicating the inner workings of why organs exist. Our employees are the most vital resource of showing the heart, in human form. Hear the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management’s plan to strengthen the heart, internal communications through the organ structure of employee engagement and inclusion.

Including ways to help you:

  • Connect-how does the heart (Internal Communications) engage employees?
  • Inform- methods and tactics used to keep the “heart” connected to the vital resource, employees.
  • Engage- how do you keep the heart healthy for the vital resource?

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