Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging: The Business Imperative of DEI

Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging: The Business Imperative of DEI

Decades of research confirm that inclusive, diverse organizations that foster equity for all employees produce higher profits, a more engaged workforce, and greater innovation than less diverse organizations.  Each of these terms has a specific meaning:

  • Diversity– Unique differences and perspectives that enhance the team’s ability to achieve common goals and adapt to market demands. These differences may reflect culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity, age, religion, ability, and many other factors. Each unique difference expands an organization’s ability to perform.
  • Equity– Providing equal opportunity for all team members to contribute, receive recognition, and move forward within the organization.
  • Inclusion– Establishing a culture where every team member feels seen, heard, respected, and valued, creating a sense of belonging, motivating them to contribute to the team’s success.


Session Objectives

Participants will leave the session with an understanding of the necessary skills and abilities to effectively create a culture of inclusion and belonging by:

  • Developing the awareness and knowledge to recognize your and other’s biases and the subtle relationship mechanisms that can negatively impact others as bias becomes prejudice.
  • Live the day-to-day behaviors that, through positive actions, decisions, and relationships, replace bias with respect and equity.
  • Lead by engaging in mindful actions you can take to influence your organization and those around you to address and adjust their own biases in favor of inclusion, diversity, and equity.

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