Michael Lantzy

Michael Lantzy

Michael is a communications leader with more than a decade of experience across a range of organizations and industries. Before founding Soundbite.ai, Michael served in communications, product, and sales leadership roles at SkySync, Fuze, and KnowledgeLake, where he was responsible for creating and managing brand elevating programs.

As a skilled consultant and perpetual learner, Michael loves to develop deep expertise and relationships within each organization he serves, working closely with leaders to identify communications issues and develop strategic programs that meet business objectives.

Today, Michael is a co-founder of Soundbite.ai, a Dallas-based software company responsible for pioneering and creating the world’s first enterprise audio communications platform. Today, Soundbites are shared around the world for internal communications, newsroom, executive communications, training, collaboration, and more. Most importantly, Soundbites help employees engage where they work and doing so in a way that helps make their employees healthier, happier, efficient, and effective.

Michael holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Missouri at St. Louis and enjoys spending weekends helping his daughter with her jewelry start-up Earringly.com and coaching his son’s baseball team.

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