Onboarding Companies & People

Onboarding Companies & People

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ALI’s first in-person event in over two years the “6th Annual Digital Workplace Summit: Engagement Strategies For Employee Communications” took place last month in Las Vegas. Over 20 hours of communications and digital workplace trends and best practices knowledge were shared over the 3-day conference. Preston Lewis Of Intactic, created interactive breakouts during the conference. Below is another example from one of our break out groups:

  • Giving new employees assignments of who to talk to and what to do, as well as assigning peer mentors to help guide new employees to success
  • Identifying key groups to focus on – some employees may be more receptive to onboarding processes, so it’s important to treat each case differently

On the company onboarding side, the group brought up a few key points, including:

  • First, determine the scope, roles, and responsibilities – this will allow for a clear and transparent integration of companies
  • Posting valuable info onto the intranet to allow for greater, and more impactful employee engagement
  • Companies should also be updating their messaging to better fit the new post-great-resignation world, this may include a focus on wellness and DEI initiative

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