Intranet: How to create a governance framework

Intranet: How to create a governance framework

Intranet Governance Framework


An intranet is a powerful tool. It has the capability of connecting an entire workforce, large or small, regardless of geography and allowing them to collaborate and share knowledge.

A properly designed and implemented intranet can be the solution for employee engagement and internal communications woes. But, it doesn’t stop after design and implementation. The ongoing management of the intranet is just as, if not more, important.

But when so many things (and people!) factor into the management and success of an intranet, how do we answer the question, “Who owns it?”

It’s crucial to create a governance framework for every intranet. This framework will clearly identify who is responsible for what when it comes to your intranet.

Here are a few things to consider when mapping out a governance framework for your intranet…

  • Responsibility – Who is responsible for making sure information is up-to-date, new content is created, the user experience and accessibility are up to par, etc.
  • Accountability – Who is accountable for the success of the intranet? Who has the decision-making power and what does that process look like? Some organizations create a “steering committee” comprised of internal stakeholders from all levels and areas of the company that become the decision-makers.
  • Consult – Encouraging contributions and input from your organization as a whole is important. While having a group like the “steering committee” in place is great, leveraging something like advisory groups made up of employees who are using the intranet can also help inform the direction and success of your intranet.
  • Inform – Keep in mind that your workforce should always be informed. A proper communications plan should be implemented to keep users informed of any changes or updates to your intranet. Knowing exactly who is in charge of communicating this information should be determined from the start to eliminate confusion.

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