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Answers to our most frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many moving parts to each conference, which may surface an array of questions. We have gathered the answers to our most frequently asked questions and answered them for you below. If your question is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help!

Speaker FAQ’s

When does Call for Speakers open? When are submissions due?

Once an event is added to the website, Call for Speakers is open. It will remain open until all speaker slots have been filled, which is usually about three weeks.

How many speaking slots are available?

We typically plan for 13 speaking slots. However, based on session submissions and what is trending in the industry, this may differ between events.

What speaking opportunities are open? What are the different types of sessions?

There are two main types of sessions that have open speaking opportunities at ALI conferences: regular 30-minute end-user case study sessions and 2-hour consultant led hands-on workshops. 

End-user case study sessions require exactly that, an end-user. Mid to senior level executives willing to share their organization’s story, experiences and practical advice typically lead these sessions.

Consultant-led hands-on workshop sessions are extremely popular and are limited to 3-4 sessions per conference. These are interactive sessions where the submitter acts as a facilitator to encourage and develop conversation and involvement from the session participants around the topical area they have submitted. These sessions take place on the pre-conference day and typically have between 7-15 participants.

We are also always open to the idea of innovative talks, lightning rounds, and panel sessions. Submitters should be very explicit in their submission as to the type of session they are suggesting. Detail is important.

How are sessions selected?

A first level review by the Conference Producer maps submissions topically to where they would fit into the schedule. Submissions are then passed along to management for further review. As a whole, we are tasked with creating a program filled with content that will be compelling, interesting, fresh, and actionable for attendees of ALI conferences. We look for innovative formats, complete submissions, and unique perspectives. Submissions should not be repeats of presentations made elsewhere and anything that even smells a little bit like a sales pitch will not make it through the review process.

How do I increase my odds of getting selected?

Each conference we receive more submissions than we can accept. While there are definitely some repeat presenters (only top rated), we do seek to ensure the majority of our speakers and presentations are brand new for each conference. Well thought out, complete and unique submissions are rewarded. 

Don’t shy away from controversy—this is a forum for industry discussion, and debates and out-of-the-box thinking are appreciated—challenge the audience with unconventional thinking. Content that is intermediate to advanced scores the best—this audience is well beyond entry-level definitions.

What are the main reasons sessions don’t get selected?

Believe it or not the #1 reason is an incomplete submission—the session detail portion of the submission is the most important piece. Sales pitches are also extremely easy to spot and we are quick to eliminate them from consideration. We also get a lot of very similar submissions, and with a limited number of sessions we have to choose the sessions and the presenters that we think best address the topic. And remember: ALI conferences bring together a sophisticated, senior-level audience. Basic sessions don’t make the cut, nor do past presenters who’ve been poorly evaluated by attendees.

What resources does ALI offer to speakers?

We take great pride in creating a solid peer-to-peer educational offering. Our conferences provide you with the opportunity to network, connect, and collaborate with your peers in a setting unlike any other. Use this opportunity not only to share your own success and challenges you’ve overcome, but also inspire others who are currently in your same position.


As a speaker you’ll be provided with an all-access pass, an opportunity to bring a colleague along with you, an exclusive discount to share with your network, and a detailed contact list so that you may continue the conversation with your peers beyond the conclusion of the conference.

How do I submit my proposal to become a speaker?

Complete the form on our Speaking page or contact us with your proposal and event you are interested in speaking at.

Attendance FAQ’s

What is included in my registration fee?

Full conference registration fee includes:
  • Continental breakfast each morning
  • ALI notebook, pen, and folder with handouts
  • Digital copies of each presentation
  • Complimentary coffee & refreshment breaks throughout each day
  • Open-bar networking reception
  • Detailed contact sheet of all participants

What is the dress code?

Business casual attire. We want for you to be comfortable in slacks, polo shirts, sweaters, blazers, blouses, and, most importantly, comfortable shoes. We do recommend you dress in layers as temperatures in meeting rooms can vary.

Can I use my phone during the conference?

As a courtesy to presenters and other attendees, we ask that you kindly turn off your phones or set them to silent/vibrate during sessions. We understand you may still need to take calls, but we ask for you to please quietly exit the conference room before you attend to them.

How can I obtain a copy of a presenter’s presentation?

Presentations will be made available online after the conference. For each conference you attend, you will be invited to a secure dropbox available only to conference participants.

Will my photo be taken during the conference?

ALI takes photographs during its meetings and events for use in future conference and promotional materials. By participating in any ALI conference, you grant ALI the right to use your photograph for such purposes.

Why is there no venue listed on the conference website?

While we aim to have the venue confirmed by the time the full agenda is online, it unfortunately does not always happen. We work diligently to ensure that all of our conference venues provide reduced room rates for participants, is in a central location with plenty of restaurants and shopping within walking distance, and is easily accessible to and from the airport. In addition, the venue must also meet our conference requirements. If you happen to register for an event prior to the venue being confirmed, you will receive notification once it is so that you may make your reservation.

I am a member of the press. Do you offer a special press registration rate?

ALI welcomes the professional editorial staff of print, online, and broadcast media. We do not offer complimentary registrations, but are willing to discuss a discounted rate in exchange for marketing assistance. Please complete the form on this page to contact us about a press pass.

What are your terms & conditions?


Payment is due two weeks prior to the event. If payment has not been received two weeks before the event, a credit-card hold, training form, or purchase order will be taken to ensure your space.


You may make substitutions at any time; please notify us as soon as possible. If you cancel (in writing) more than two weeks prior to the conference a refund will be provided less a $295 administration fee. Registered delegates who do not attend or who cancel two weeks prior to the conference or less will be issued a credit memo. Credit memos will be valid for one year from date of issuance and can be used by anyone in your organization.


Advanced Learning Institute, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in programs and speakers, or to cancel programs if enrollment criteria are not met or when conditions beyond its control prevail. Every effort will be made to contact each enrollee if a program is canceled. If a program is not held for any reason, A.L.I.’s liability is limited to the refund of the program fee only.

Sponsor FAQ’s

Why should I sponsor an ALI conference?

Our relationships with sponsors are valuable and we consider you not only an active participant, but also an asset to our conferences. We cannot promise exclusivity at our conferences. However, if this is of importance to you, we do offer a Gold Package you are able to purchase to ensure exclusivity.

We have designed each package with copious benefits. We will give you a glimpse…

  • Each event brings together a different audience of senior-level executives from a variety of industries – it’s not likely you will meet the same person twice
  • Our 20+ year track record of highly regarded conferences speaks to our dedication and success
  • Several well-known and respected decision-makers attend our conferences in search for someone to provide them a solution that you may have
  • Our conference promotions utilize a variety of marketing avenues, which will result in significant exposure and value to you
  • You’re not treated as a mere sponsor. We don’t believe in having a separate exhibit hall. Instead, we provide you with prime real estate in the same area where all sessions take place, allowing you to be an active participant and really get to know the audience on a deeper level

Is there an advantage to submitting a sponsorship application early?

Absolutely! Although we strive to provide all benefits to each and every sponsor, some benefits, such as addressing conference attendees, are limited and available only on a first-come, first-served basis. Submitting a sponsorship application early gives you a better chance to secure a spot and be featured in all conference promotional materials. Don’t forget – the earlier you submit a sponsorship application, the further ahead you can plan for each conference!

Why is the number of available sponsorships limited?

There are only so many tables in which attendees are able to visit and wholly understand the services offered by a sponsor during a conference. ALI limits the number of sponsors because we want the attendees to focus on you and your services, not rushing off to reach every table. Our goal is for attendees to build relationships with our sponsors, while intentionally gathering materials to make decisions. 

When do I need to have my sponsorship application submitted?

In order for your company’s name and logo to be included on conference promotional materials in accordance with your sponsorship level, you must complete and submit your application, payment, and company logo no later than 30 days prior to each conference you are sponsoring. However, sponsorship spots and benefits are limited, therefore the earlier you submit your application, the better chance you have of securing a spot.

How can I gain more visibility at a conference?

The most visibility one can gain will be through the Gold Package, where you will be the only sponsor at the event. We also have a number of different opportunities to sponsor breakfast and networking receptions, which will provide you the opportunity to address the audience during this time.

May I and/or other representatives attend the conference sessions?

Yes, we certainly encourage your company’s participation throughout the conference, which is why we include one conference registration with each sponsorship opportunity. Depending on your sponsorship level and the number of people you would like to attend sessions, discounted registration fees may apply.

What are the different sponsorship opportunities available?

To receive a pricing sheet and the list of sponsorship opportunities available, please complete the form on this page and include the name of the conference(s) you are interested in sponsoring.

Still have questions about ALI Conferences?

Please contact us so we can best assist you.

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