Microsoft 365 Government Strategies

Microsoft 365 Government Strategies

Using SharePoint, Teams, Viva & CoPilot to Drive Collaboration, Communication, Employee Engagement & Mission Outcomes

July 24, 2024 - August 07, 2024 | 11:00 - 1:30 PM ET | Virtual Certificate Series | July 24, July 31 & August 7,

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Attend this 3-Part Virtual Certificate Series Course to learn how to:

  • Master Government 365 and internal comms.
  • Network with public sector peers.
  • Earn a career-boosting certificate.

July 24, 2024, 11am-1:30pm

July 31, 2024 , 11am-1:30pm

August 7, 2024 , 11am-1:30pm

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The #1 Certificate Training Series To Use the M365 Government Platform to Empower US Public Sector Employees to Work Together, Securely

Learn How to Maximize Internal Communications & Employee Engagement with M365 Government SharePoint, Teams, Viva & Copilot

In this Training Series, you will learn how to engage your workforce with the constantly evolving technology of the M365 Government toolkit.

You will learn how to apply the key M365 government tools and create a complete intranet and engagement platform using SharePoint, Teams, Viva and CoPilot, including:

  • Leveraging M365 Government: Explore how the unique features of M365 Government can optimize internal communication processes within public sector organizations, ensuring compliance and security
  • Harnessing SharePoint for Collaboration: Learn strategies to effectively utilize SharePoint as a central hub for document management, collaboration, and information sharing, tailored to the specific needs of government agencies
  • Enhancing Team Collaboration with Microsoft Teams: Discover innovative ways to leverage Microsoft Teams to streamline teamwork, facilitate real-time communication, and foster collaboration among dispersed teams within the public sector
  • Transforming Knowledge Sharing with Viva Connections: Explore how Microsoft Viva Connections can revolutionize internal communications by providing a personalized and immersive employee experience, enhancing engagement and productivity
  • Empowering AI-driven Insights with Copilot: Uncover the potential of Copilot, Microsoft’s AI-driven solution, in analyzing communication patterns, identifying trends, and providing actionable insights to optimize internal communication strategies within government agencies
  • Interactive Certificate Series: Engage in a comprehensive virtual certificate training series packed with interactive workshops, expert-led sessions, and hands-on demonstrations, designed to equip participants with practical skills and strategies for maximizing internal communications with M365 Government tools

Benefits of 3-Part Virtual Certificate Training Series

  • Learn your way around M365 Government: How to create and design a team and adopt best practices
  • Creating a roadmap for SharePoint: Understanding document management and how to Integrate your SharePoint home with Teams using Viva Connections and other components of Viva
  • Tips for integration with Teams, OneDrive, Dynamics 365, and more
  • Experience demos of almost every M365 Government module
  • How to engage your Leadership Team through the communication tools of 365
  • The foundation for M365 Government success – creating a roadmap, project plans, governance and change management
  • Planning and governance processes to keep your internal communications, collaboration, and document management safe, simple, secure and searchable
  • Learn how to integrate M365 Government Tools to create a strong internal communications plan

Who Should Attend

This Virtual Certificate Training Series has been researched and designed for Directors, Managers, Vice Presidents, Specialists, Officers, Project Leaders, and Consultants involved in:

  • SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Projects
  • Employee Communications
  • Intranet Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Employee Engagement
  • Compliance Officers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Power Users and Administrators
  • Chief Information Officer
  • IT Managers and Administrators
  • Internal Communications Managers
  • Government Relations Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts

Benefits of Attending this ALI Virtual Certificate Training Series

  • Access to practical presentations with real examples and proven strategies from your peers at leading public sector organizations, focusing on internal communications, M365 Government Strategies, and collaboration tools.
  • Networking opportunities for attendees to continue conversations and collaboration beyond the conference, fostering knowledge sharing and community building within the M365 Government community.
  • Certificate of attendance for CEUs
  • Guaranteed extensive, how-to instruction on leveraging SharePoint, Teams, Viva, and CoPilot for immediate implementation and impact in M365 Government environments, enhancing collaboration, communication, and employee engagement.
  • Opportunity to have your most pressing questions on M365 Government Strategies, internal communications, and collaboration tools answered in real-time, empowering secure collaboration, communication, and employee engagement in the US public sector.

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Get Recognized!

Receive your personalized certificate of completion for the “Microsoft 365 Government Strategies” course immediately following the event. This may be submitted for continuing education credits at a variety of organizations.

Add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your commitment to professional development and to highlight your new skills.

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