The Top Compliance Challenges For Hospitals in 2016 and How An Intranet Can Help Overcome Them

The Top Compliance Challenges For Hospitals in 2016 and How An Intranet Can Help Overcome Them

health care intranet

Written by Giuliana LaMantia,

health care intranet

The Joint Commission released the top CMS requirements that posed the biggest challenge for hospitals, ASCs, LTCs, etc. to remain compliant with in 2016. Many of these challenges can be mitigated with the use of a standardized, internal communication system. We took a look at the top challenges for hospitals, and here are some ways you can utilize an Intranet to help your organization remain compliant with these requirements.

Access the full list on the Joint Commission website here.

The hospital establishes and maintains a safe, functional, environment

What an Intranet Can Do: An Intranet is a central hub for internal communication. With various ways to share important information, such as departmental blogs, newsfeeds, and instant messages, you’re guaranteed an effective and easy flow of communication. Strong communication, especially in the face of an unsafe situation, is important to the culture of a workplace. An Intranet will help you maintain a safe and functional environment in this way.

The hospital reduces the risk of infections associated with medical equipment, devices, and supplies

What an Intranet Can Do: Well, it’s not so much what an Intranet can do, but what a policy manager can do – which integrates seamlessly with your Intranet! A policy manager organizes and automates the document reviewing and revising process, ensuring that you keep up-to-date with rules and regulations pertaining to patient safety, medicine, equipment, etc.

The hospital manages risks associated with its utility systems

What an Intranet Can Do: An Intranet contains many security features to keep your information safe from ransomware and other attacks that may compromise your utility systems. In addition, it integrates and works easily with already-existing programs and software on your organizations’ computers.

The hospital provides and maintains building features to protect individuals from the hazards of fire and smoke

What an Intranet Can Do: On your Intranet, you have the ability to create and maintain an emergency preparedness section. This gives you the chance to outline and update plans, evacuation routes, solutions, etc. should any kind of disaster occur, including natural disasters such as fires.

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