8th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Event: Building an Engaging, Collaborative, and Productive Culture to Create a Better Employee Experience in the Post-Pandemic Hybrid Workplace

8th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Event: Building an Engaging, Collaborative, and Productive Culture to Create a Better Employee Experience in the Post-Pandemic Hybrid Workplace

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We can all understand that working from home comes with rewards and challenges. With no commute time, flexibility, and fewer distractions than a traditional office, it seems like an easy solution. If that’s the case, why do so many leaders, supervisors, and managers feel like they are struggling with their teams? It’s simple – their communication standards and approaches need adjusting.

ALI Conferences 8th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Event on July 27th-29th will cover expanding communications issues from designing and changing your current strategy, sustainable learning, transparent communication, and more.

Attendees can have the opportunity to hear from some of the best leaders and internal communications experts. Here’s a glimpse of the featured sessions we’ll see each day:

Pre-Conference Day 

  • A Maturity Framework To Level Up Your Communication Team’s Capabilities
    • Pinaki Kathiari, CEO | Local Wisdom

Day 1

  • Fitting Physical Offices Into The Future Of Work
    • Amanda Atkins, Senior Director, Head Of Internal Communications & Culture | Slack

Day 2

  • Societal Change: In The Company We Trust
    • Sandra Burrowes, Manager, Staff Engagement Communications | Mayo Clinic
    • Sara Messina, Director, Staff Engagement Communications | Mayo Clinic


In addition to these in-depth sessions, Day 1 and 2 of the conference includes a panel that allows attendees to ask our expert speakers specific questions on their internal communications issues. On Day 1, we’ll have a valuable Technology Panel and hear from Pinaki Kathiari, CEO of Local Wisdom.

On Day 2, we’ll hear from Amanda Atkins, Senior Director, Head of Internal Communications & Culture from Slack, Crystal Andrews Banks, Director, Diversity & Inclusion from Ulta Beauty, Robin McCasland, Director, Corporate Communications from Health Care Service Corporation, Stan Heaton, Employee Communications Manager, Flight Operations from Delta Air Lines, and Kevin Finke, Founder & Chief Experience Officer from Experience Willow.

And no event is complete without the help and support of our incredible sponsors! For this event, our sponsors are Korbyt, Simpplr, and theEMPLOYEEapp. Read more to learn about each of these businesses.

About Our Sponsors


Korbyt, an entity that offers rich data and analytical capabilities, advocates for employees and believes the most valuable asset a company can have are their employees. They are fueled by a never-ending desire to assist companies to improve how they communicate with their workforce. There’s an opportunity for a business to capture attention and create momentum via relevant content, data, and information. Their future is transforming the workplace experience.


Simpplr has become one of the leading providers of enterprise intranet solutions. Loved by all businesses they have worked with, their modern intranet software boosts connectivity and employee engagement while simultaneously improving productivity, engagement, and employee retention. With proven results and data to back up, Simpplr can help any brand or business integrate and connect with their workplace.


theEMPLOYEEapp puts employees first. The app is built to help address the constant communication gaps companies and workforces experience every day. With convenience in mind, theEMPLOYEEapp is a mobile platform that combines internal communication solutions with targeted information that employees can access anytime. With nifty services such as two-way messaging, cross-platform alerts and push notifications, social engagement, and more, theEMPLOYEEapp offers a quick, easy, and intuitive solution for a major communication problem.

Each listed speaker will bring forward their experience and knowledge that millions of employees, businesses, and workers struggle with daily. With brainstorming, breakout rooms, and the chance to learn from the best, you won’t want to miss out on this virtual event! Register here today to reserve your spot. If you would like to learn more about this upcoming event, review the full agenda and speaker list here.

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