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7 common mistakes when managing the Millennial workforce

7 common mistakes Feature Image

7 common mistakes Feature Image

Retaining, engaging, and managing Millennials can be a challenge. HR professionals, internal communicators, and managers should be aware of these 7 common mistakes when it comes to Millennials in the workplace:

1) Adopting their jargon. You might think you’re strengthening a bond with your workforce when you start including “YOLO” on internal communications – but Millennials see right through it.

2) Reducing them to a stereotype. Millennials are as diverse as any other generation! Be cautious when catering to what you think they want.

3) Throwing money at them. Millennials would likely prioritize things like feeling valued, making an impact, and workplace flexibility over salary when considering a job offer.

4) Thinking they would rather be texting. While Millennials love their smartphones, the assumption they’d prefer all their communication to be through text is false. In November 2014, Bentley University released the results of their study “Millennial Mind Goes To Work”. The survey polled 1,000 U.S. Millennials age 18-34 and found that more than half of the respondents preferred speaking to colleagues in person whenever possible, and only 14% preferred texting over face-to-face communication.

5) Limiting or discouraging social media usage. Your Millennial employees have valuable and connected networks! And, if leveraged, they could be a great asset in expanding your organization’s social media footprint.

6) Assuming they want to climb the corporate ladder without working for it. This goes hand-in-hand with #2 on this list. The stereotype that Millennials are lazy or entitled is a harmful one.

7) “Millennials don’t believe in job loyalty.” Gen Y has a reputation for being job hoppers. But, most Millennials, like other generations, are willing to put in the work to grow with an organization whose mission aligns with their own.


Avoid these common mistakes to ensure the Millennials in your workforce are engaged. With a fully engaged workforce comes higher levels of productivity, improved employee retention rates, and better bottom line results.

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