3 benefits of a digital workplace

3 benefits of a digital workplace

3 benefits of a digital workplace

A well-planned digital workplace can have important benefits that prepare a business for the future of work.

When making the case for an updated intranet and the move towards a digital workplace, consider these three benefits:

Create community. Give your workforce a place to engage in two-way communication with each other. Create a valuable community through delivering 24/7 access to a self-serve, mobile hub where people can connect and share information.

Improve productivity. Provide employees with all the information they need to perform their job within a digital workplace. By building a digital workplace, organizations can centralize corporate-approved tools so employees don’t go find their own workarounds, which could lead to inconsistency and inefficiencies.

Encourage collaboration. Allow colleagues to freely collaborate without restriction. Many modern intranets have social components that allow users to share knowledge and ideas, regardless of department or geography. A digital workplace is the result of a business’ transformation past a standard intranet. Leverage multiple tools and technologies, including an updated intranet, in order to create a digital workplace that encourages collaboration.

No matter what way you spin it, the benefits of a digital workplace are clear: support the function of a collaborative, productive, and engaged community that drives business results.


Looking to make the case for an updated intranet and digital workplace within your organization? You’ll first need key stakeholder buy-in. Share this list with management and decision-makers within your organization to help them understand the benefits of transitioning to a digital workplace. Also, check out “9 intranet & digital workplace trends” on our blog.


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