Internal Communications Team Maturity: A Group Therapy Workshop

Internal Communications Team Maturity: A Group Therapy Workshop

Many internal communication teams’ origin stories start with a few passionate people tossed into the role and responsibility of managing the communications for an organization. The pressures of everyday communication and constant business change make it difficult to develop your teams’ capabilities, processes, and strategies; moreover, there’s no framework or roadmap to serve as guidance.

Pinaki Kathiari, CEO of digital communication agency, Local Wisdom, built an Internal Communication Team Maturity Model to help communication managers and directors identify where they are, envision where they want to be, and plot a course to get there. This engaging and interactive group therapy session gives you access to the Maturity Model framework, diagnoses your level using a simple five-minute assessment, and facilitates deep group discussion allowing you to harness the wisdom in the room. Whether your comms team is well-established or starting from scratch, you’ll walk away with solutions and resources to level up.

In this session and discussions, you’ll gain:

  • An overview of the maturity model’s levels and layers
  • An assessment of your level
  • An understanding of the challenges your peers face
  • Tips and solutions to level up your comms team capabilities

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